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Oct 21 2017

I Ain’t Dead Yet – An Update

The past 2 days have been quite inactive for a good reason – I’ve been quite ill! I don’t say this to alarm anyone, but for the sake of clarity and giving readers a slice into my life. This is a personal website, right? To keep a long story short, from early Thursday until late …

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Aug 08 2017

We Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Oh, hi! It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Yeah, it has – About 4 or 5 days that I just decided to go do something else for a while? Why? Well, the opportunity came up, so I decided “let’s do it!” Some time away with minimal network connectivity. Yeah, I could well have written …

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Jan 11 2017

The Results Of The Sleep Cycle Reset Madness

This article is a follow up to my previous entry here. I wound up going to bed yesterday around 1PM. By about 23 hours or so awake I just couldn’t keep going, and I had to crash. By 5PM I woke back up, and went back to normal operations for the evening. I wasn’t feeling …

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Jan 10 2017

Resetting My Sleep Schedule – A Crazy Process

Sleep. Everyone loves sleep. What’s more, everyone loves sleeping at a reasonable time, for their schedule. The holidays, sadly, completely mess up many retail workers sleep schedules more than you can imagine. For the past few weeks since the holidays subsided, I’ve had a problem of going to bed around 6AM, and waking up around …

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Sep 11 2016

On That Day, 15 Years Ago…

We had been back in school for just about a Month. It was early in my Junior year, and it seemed like a pretty typical Tuesday. I don’t recall getting ready that day, but it is funny the things you do remember. In my case, I recall us on the bus discussing the upcoming episode …

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