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Jun 24 2017

As Expected, Sony Was Pushing Virtual Reality Heavily At This Years E3

As the title suggests, Sony was pushing very heavily it’s PlayStation VR platform this year at E3, with several “new” games being demonstrated with the technology. I say new, but in many cases the games being presented are old titles with new VR updates – Superhot and (uhg) Skyrim are the most blatant examples, with …

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Jun 13 2017

Destiny 2 – More Story, More Activision + Sony Promotion

Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite excited for Destiny 2, but this trailer was somewhat lacking. It shows a bit more of the upcoming story, but we all know this is all footage we will see in the first 10 minutes of the game! Looks like the Cabal are really laying siege to the City, …

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Jun 12 2017

How I’m Going To Do E3 Game Coverage

The major element of E3 is the games. Last year, I only covered a few major games and let the rest come and go as it was. This year, I plan on covering many many more games, over the next week or so – easily probably 20 different games are certainly worth me at least …

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Jun 12 2017

Let The E3 2017 Coverage Begin!

Just because I’m “not excited for E3” doesn’t mean the news presented at the event doesn’t excite me! It certainly does, and had you read that previous article carefully you would have seen the point is the information, not the event itself – the event is archaic, but the news shared isn’t. No, I’m Not …

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Jun 06 2017

No, I’m Not Excited For E3 2017

The yearly Electronics Entertainment Expo, known as “E3” will be taking place from June 13th through the 15th, 2017. As usual, the gaming community, both average gamers and the games media, are getting excited to see what Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and the dozens of major 3rd party game publishers will be showing off. As the …

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Apr 03 2017

Game Accessory Maker Mad Catz Is No More

UPDATE: The company returned on January 4th, 2018: http://www.xadara.com/the-return-of-mad-catz/ Back on March 30th, 2017, video game hardware accessory maker Mad Catz announced it was closing, after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and being de-listed from the New York Stock Exchange. The company has been spiraling downhill for quite some time now, sadly, and while there are …

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Feb 04 2017

The Computer Chronicles – Greatest Computer Games (1995)

In this 1995 episode of The Computer Chronicles, Stuart Cheifet takes a look at the cutting-edge in gaming entertainment in the mid 90’s. This was quite an interesting time for home gaming, as 3D graphics rendering was reaching a point where decent quality images could be generated in real time. Windows 95 brought DirectX technology, …

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Oct 01 2016

Titanfall 2 Single Player Cinematic

Ah, Titanfall. Remember the campaign slogan, “believe the hype?” Well the hype was just that, hype. While I do enjoy the game, it was spoken of as something far greater than it really was (but isn’t that always the case?) and quickly fell by the wayside as gaming continued progressing. It looks like in Titanfall …

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Jul 13 2016

Hawken on Xbox One – Initial Thoughts and Review

I’m a big fan of the sci-fi trope known as Mecha. These massive, humanoid, piloted battle machines are in many stories key plot elements (Evangelion, Gundam, Mechwarrior, for examples) and have been present in many video games, from side instances in Halo 4 and 5, to being central gameplay elements like in Titanfall or Shogo: …

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Jun 23 2016

World War One First Person Shooter Verdun is Coming to the Xbox One and Playstation 4

World War One, by all accounts I’ve heard, would be the closest thing to “Hell on Earth” that has ever happened in human history. In many ways, it was the first true “modern” war, and in an equal number of ways was the last “traditional” war. The Verdun video game is based on the events …

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