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Jul 28 2017

Update On The Melcor 390 Calculator

So, you may recall a few days ago in my thrifting adventures I snagged an old 70’s calculator that, after working for a few minutes failed in a flurry of smoke and heat. If not, the previous article will be shared below. http://www.xadara.com/i-got-a-vintage-70s-calculator-and-then-it-blew-up/ Well, I mentioned I would ask on the eevblog forums about what …

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Feb 17 2017

A Good Example Of Why Sears Is Failing

Ah Sears. For most Americans, when you think of home appliances or tools, Sears invariably comes to mind. The over century old company used to be the ultimate in providing everything you would need, and then some. Today, it’s nothing more than a shell of its former self, amazingly owned by K-Mart of all companies, …

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Sep 28 2016

Nintendo Repair and Maintenance (NES Repair VHS Tape)

I had seen this video online ages ago, but only just tonight found it again: An old VHS tape, made by an electronics repair company, discussing how to clean and repair NES consoles. This tape, which looks like it dates back to around 1990, goes into quite the good detail on common problems and fixes …

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