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Feb 07 2018

The Loss Of The Falcon Heavy Core Booster Shouldn’t Be Ignored

The Falcon Heavy Test Flight yesterday was a near flawless success, well above the expectations of many people who really know rocketry, and many of those involved with the rocket itself, including Elon Musk. There was, however, one problem with the flight, and that was with the attempted recovery of the core booster. It isn’t …

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Sep 09 2016

Why Did The Falcon 9 Explode? Video by Thunderf00t

YouTube user Thunderf00t, a scientist who also happens to make videos about a wide variety of subjects, has spent quite a bit of time in the week following the Falcon 9 explosion studying the event in detail and formulating his own ideas as to why the vehicle exploded – more accurately, describing the variables that …

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