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Jan 14 2018

Space Industry Fanboys, Credibility Claims, And Cherry Picking – Dissecting A Twitter Discussion

Yesterday proved to be a bit interesting for me on Twitter. I was giving my own comments on the Delta IV launch yesterday, one of which was my typical congratulations tweet to United Launch Alliance, the operators of Delta IV, and the CEO of the company,  Tory Bruno. At the end, though, I left a …

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Dec 11 2017

Why “Flight Proven” Means Nothing To Me

The primary focus that SpaceX has in its endeavours is in re-usability of launch vehicles. The Falcon 9, in current form, is a launch vehicle in which the first stage is capable of making a controlled landing back at the launch site, or on a drone ship in the ocean (as launch needs permit) and …

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Dec 05 2017

SpaceX Scheduling Madness

This is going to be interesting – a two-fold article. On one half, I have a bit more to say about what upcoming SpaceX content I have coming, and on the other half, I feel it worth discussing the actual current scheduling that SpaceX is launching on in the upcoming months. On my end, as …

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Dec 04 2017

What I Mean When Discuss The “Cult Of SpaceX”

Here we go, the beginning of the articles I’ve been dreading writing for probably a year now. These are things I feel need to be said and no, I don’t think I’m wrong in what I say – opinions can neither be right nor wrong, after all, but I do feel the concept presented – …

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Sep 30 2017

We Have Burnout – Hostility In The Space And Rocketry Online Community

Cutting straight to the point, I’m somewhat burnt out right now – namely, with regards to SpaceX, space subjects in general, and a few other things. Reading comment after comment on the SpaceX front has certainly been a chore, having to see them mentioned in every single space related subject ever is itself quite annoying, …

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Feb 13 2017

Nuclear Thermal Rockets: Nuclear Propulsion in Space – 1968 NASA / AEC Film

Nuclear Rockets. They still sound futuristic even today. Interestingly enough, they were under active research in the late 50’s and early 60’s as part of the then-planned natural progression of both manned and unmanned space flight. Nuclear rocketry doesn’t operate the way the common man would normally think; it doesn’t ignite its fuel, but instead …

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Dec 05 2014

Dawn of Orion

On November 9, 1967, the most powerful rocket in human history, the Saturn V, roared to life for the first time on a mission to not only test the massive launch vehicle, but to also put the Apollo spacecraft through stress tests simulating the effects of atmospheric entry at the high velocities a craft would …

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