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Dec 25 2017

Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 38 / 39: An Angry Nerd Christmas Carol – Episode Review

Normally I would follow the proper order of releases for Angry Video Game Nerd episode reviews, but seeing as today is, well, Christmas, I felt it only proper to jump ahead and cover the 2007 Christmas Episodes – An Angry Nerd Christmas Carol. This was a pair of episodes released in December 2007 which follow …

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Oct 14 2017

2 Weeks With The SNES Classic Edition

As the title suggest, I’ve had the SNES Classic Edition for about 2 weeks. That’s been enough time, along with my work schedule and Xadara stuff, to manage to complete everything on Super Mario World and to play all the way through Earthbound. Sure, I’ve touched on a few things – unlocked Star Fox 2 …

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Sep 04 2017

SNES Classic Pre-Orders Are Being Mysteriously Cancelled

In another peculiar bit of SNES Classic Edition news, apparently pre-orders are getting cancelled again. This time, however, these are legitimate pre-orders and not the obviously premature ones that Walmart had opened up a few months ago. Originally I was made aware of the fact that pre-orders from Hawaii were getting cancelled at oddly high …

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Jul 27 2017

Walmart Cancels SNES Classic Edition Pre-orders

Last week, people were all hyped up over the fact that, apparently, Walmart had the SNES Classic Edition available for preorder – yeah, hop on the site, pay for it, and ya got it, right? Right? Nope! Yesterday, and continuing today, they have canceled seemingly every single pre-order for the console. People are acting surprised …

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Jun 28 2017

Who Are The “Classic” Nintendo Consoles Really For?

When both the NES Classic Edition and now the SNES Classic Edition were announced, a common comment from many in the gaming scene were that these mini-consoles were pointless, or some kind of similar lack of understanding why people are fascinated by them. This stems from a misconception of the very target demographic these machines …

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Jun 26 2017

The SNES Classic Edition Game List

We might as well take a look at the game list for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic console that’s being released this September; after all, a game system is defined by its games, and the Super Nintendo had an amazing library, to say the least. I won’t beat around the bush with this – …

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Jun 26 2017

We Knew It Was Coming: The SNES Classic Edition

It’s funny, I was just talking to some friends the other day, us all discussing what games we would want to see on a hypothetical SNES Classic Edition console, and what does Nintendo do today but announce it coming, with 21 games. Sure, not nearly as many as the NES Classic Edition had at 30 …

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Jun 08 2017

Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 17: Bible Games – Episode Review

Here it is, the grand finale of AVGN season one, and his Christmas episode for 2006; a look at a selection of Bible based video games. These games are odd things: these happen to be the first unlicensed games that the Nerd reviews, and while not too common as the series progresses, many of these …

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Oct 22 2016

Backwards Compatibility And The Nintendo Switch

So, just as I expected, the Switch is not going to be able to play (at least physically) Wii, WiiU, or 3DS titles. This isn’t surprising, since the console uses a physical cartridge port, rather than an optical drive, for games. What I’m surprised at, although I still expected it, is how upset people are …

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Jun 25 2016

Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo – James Rolfe

For seemingly as long as there have been gaming consoles, there have been console wars. Much like the battle between the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 today, in the past there have been console after console battling it out for dominance of the market. In the late 80’s into the early 90’s, Nintendo had …

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