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Jun 01 2017

The One Big Problem In Using A YouTube Video As An Article Subject

As anyone who follows this site will notice, many of the article subjects on this site are videos that are usually, if not pretty much always hosted on YouTube. This isn’t normally a problem, and the worst I’ve had before is maybe a one-off video being deleted, or something that isn’t allowed to be embedded …

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May 12 2017

Facebook And That Little Flower Reaction

Ya know, I thought people had better memories than they seem to. This past week on Facebook, I noticed people talking about a little “flower” reaction, alongside the usual heart, laugh, cry, anger, and all that. This, as you probably know by now, is the “Thankful” reaction, which was introduced last year, just a little …

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Mar 09 2017

YouTuber Kim Justice Vents About YouTube

YouTube is getting to a point where many content creators are just plain sick of it. There are as many problems as there are people who produce content for the site, it would seem, and many people are finally letting their opinions be known. A much needed vent. Read: https://t.co/xXfFl8YKis — Kim Justice (@KimxxxJustice) March …

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Nov 24 2016

XadaraCast Episode 3 Is Out Now! NES Classic Edition, Phone Scammers, Twitter, Pirated Pokemon, and Redbox Porn?!?

XadaraCast Episode 3 is out now. In this episode we cover quite a few subjects, from the NES Classic release, various subjects regarding twitter, and at the end, a hilarious case of someone renting a movie from redbox for it to be porn! This is a much more rough Xadaracast, mainly due to having to …

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Oct 25 2016

XadaraCast Episode 2 Is Out Now!

XadaraCast Episode 2 is not only out now, but it has been for several days, and I just now got to writing the official xadara entry about it. Go me! In any case, this is a shorter, more to the point episode than the first one – we focus on 2 more serious subjects in …

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Oct 09 2016

You Asked For It

Social media, by design, is an outlet for people to express themselves, and share their opinions. Anyone with any active social media presence will inevitably see someone, somewhere “complaining” about something, and if you are the average person, it probably annoys you. Hold that thought, for a moment. Them sharing their opinion annoys you, does …

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Mar 30 2016

Let’s Get Real With This Blog

I’ve written for this website for several years now. I’ve run this website, in various forms, for over a decade. As it stands, Xadara.com is primarily just a blog with a focus on gaming, general technology, and social media commentary. That’s fine, that’s the kind of stuff I like, but I find myself only writing …

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Feb 22 2016

Blocked for a Reason

Imagine you are out and about, enjoying your day. Now, imagine if someone comes up to you and starts doing something you don’t like.. let’s say you are talking with a friend, and they come in and force themselves into the conversation. Neither you nor the friend desire this, so what do you do? After …

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Nov 27 2015

The Problem with Social Media

Ever since the birth of the internet, people have been sharing their thoughts and opinions on virtually everything. Even before the internet, on the BBS systems of the 80’s, people were discussing any subject you can imagine. In the mid 2000’s, social networks began to rise… Livejournal, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter… each one surpassing the next …

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Aug 25 2015

The logic of Like and Dislike in Social Media

Social media is all about sharing, discussion, and feedback. In general, social media services will always feature allowing users to comment, saying exactly what they think. There are, however, often simpler ways to express your opinion on a given post – a “like” feature. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Ello, or even YouTube,  there are …

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