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Aug 14 2017

SpaceX CRS-12 Successfully Launches To The International Space Station

Today marked another Falcon 9 launch, carrying a Dragon cargo spacecraft on a resupply mission to the International, Space Station. As usual, it was a nominal launch with a successful first stage landing, and successful insertion into orbit of the Dragon spacecraft which should be getting to the Space Station about the time I publish …

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Jul 30 2017

A Reminder: I Don’t Hate SpaceX, I Just Hate How Some Fans Behave About It

Tossing this article up since someone, somewhere is going to accuse me of this (get used to it, I feel I’m going to have to say this quite often) : I do not hate SpaceX. I am actually quite enthusiastic about what they do, and what plans they have, but at the same time am …

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Jul 30 2017

SpaceX Builds The Final Dragon V1 Capsule

It looks like SpaceX has, as the title states, built the final Dragon V1 capsule, in preparations to get to production of the Dragon V2 capsule going – this is the vehicle that will be crew-capable. So, this means that SpaceX wil be re-flying their Dragon capsules for the foreseeable future, as their role as …

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Jul 23 2017

The Problem With Trendy Science

Yesterday I did my best at trying to explain the concept I call “Trendy Science” – that is, the idea of proposals which sound amazing and pick up interest from the media and the populace, but when examined in detail the proposal just doesn’t hold up. Rather than researching something and figuring out practical applications …

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Jul 22 2017

What Is “Trendy Science”?

The news right now is filled with reports of different companies, in all kinds of fields, announcing new technical marvels that will change the way we live! Hyperloops, Solar Roadways, self filling water bottles and more get thrown in our faces in much the same way that the next big weight loss cure is pushed …

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Jul 21 2017

Elon Musk Says The SpaceX Falcon Heavy May Fail On Its First Flight

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy is a rocked system designed along the same lines as the Falcon 9 booster – in effect, 3 Falcon 9 1st stages strapped together. Of course in practice it’s much more complex than that, but that helps you visualize the idea of the booster – 3 times the initial power to …

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Jul 20 2017

The SpaceX Dragon V2 Crew Vehicle To No Longer Use Propulsive Landing

File this one under “things not going as planned”, SpaceX announced at a recent conference that the planned Crewed Dragon vehicle (also known as Dragon V2) which will be used for SpaceX launched manned missions to the International Space Station and also as part of their planned Mars missions will no longer use propulsive landings …

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Jul 19 2017

An American Rocket Using Russian Rocket Engines – What’s It Matter?

Let’s deviate away from SpaceX for a moment – let’s talk about United Launch Alliance. United Launch Alliance, or ULA, is a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Boeing Defense, Space & Security. Lockheed and Boeing have been involved in rocketry since the the 1950’s, having combined between them over a century of …

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Jul 13 2017

What I Like About SpaceX

With me about to go into detail on the phenomena I call “The Cult of SpaceX” I thought it would serve well to express upfront just what I do actually like about SpaceX, which is quite a bit. In fact, if I didn’t like something about SpaceX the more hostile elements of its fanbase wouldn’t …

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Jul 09 2017

SpaceX? Where Do We Begin…

If you read my articles related to SpaceX at all, you will notice a common theme with them – excitement for launches, a feeling of happiness with success, but all the while, at least since September of 2016, a level of snark, of subtle disdain can be read in the posts. To be fair some …

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