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Aug 09 2017

Repairing the Melcor 390 Calculator Part 1 – An Exercise In Patience

So, after many many delays, I got the Melcor 390 calculator fixed. Oh, it was an absolute joy to get done soldering the capacitor in and finally seeing the LED’s fire up with “EEE1” and other garbage data, as this little calculator does when it’s first powered up. If you don’t know what I’m talking …

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Feb 10 2017

Fixing The Alignment On My Gaming TV

I’m somewhat of a purist when it comes to classic gaming. In particular, when you get to older, pre-HDMI game consoles like the Super Nintendo, the Sega Genesis, or even the Playstation 2 and Wii, I connect those consoles only to an old CRT TV. You know, the big heavy TV’s most everyone above the …

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