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Sep 14 2017

I Found A 3DO Console While Thrifting

As long term readers are aware, one of my hobbies is hitting thrift stores, antique malls, and other such places and seeing what all I can find that may be of use, interesting, or otherwise something I’d want. The past few months have been somewhat dry beyond the usual odds and ends, but back on …

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Aug 02 2017

An Atari 2700 Was Found At A California Thrift Store!

Crossing my news feed a few days ago is something rather interesting to me – An Atari 2700 console that was found in a thrift store in California… for $30! Yeah, if you know the story of the 2700, it’s amazing to read about. If you don’t, well, let me explain it to you. The …

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Jul 25 2017

I Got A Vintage 70’s Calculator, And Then It Blew Up!

Not the typical article here on Xadara, but these types of posts will become more common as time passes. I love random gadgets of yesteryear – be it old adding machines and typewriters, to slightly more modern things like computers and other consumer devices of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, there is a charm to …

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Dec 01 2016

The Goodwill Store “Data Policy” Is Absolute Crap


Being the kind of person I am, when I go thrifting, I’m on the hunt for electronics. Hell, today I found a clock from the 60’s, an 80’s tape player AM/FM radio (that needs a new belt but otherwise has a perfect look to it for me) and a VHS rewinder (because who doesn’t need …

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Oct 27 2016

Sometimes I Hate The PlayStation 2 Controller

I go thrifting often, so often I should (and will soon) start a video series on it. Of course, I’m on the hunt for electronics, and I’ve found some amazing things – that Nintendo Wii that I modded with no issue, my original Xbox that has since been so heavily modded it’s barely anything like …

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Oct 05 2016

New Posts Are Coming, But First: A Windows 2000 Machine

Hello awesome readers! Today I had a few articles planned, but I got delayed by a wonderful little project today, that being a computer from 2002 that I picked up for all of 10 dollars, and it works fine. Well, it works fine from a machine standpoint. However, the machine, as it was, needed work. …

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