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Feb 06 2018

What’s My Issue With SpaceX? – The Complete Story


I don’t hide my opinions. Hell, that’s what this site is based upon heavily – my thoughts and opinions on a wide variety of subjects, both historic and topical. Something I have incredibly strong opinions about is the subject of space and rocketry, and of course a major player in the field, the company run …

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Dec 02 2017

I Can’t Stand Hype Culture

Something that I’ve been wanting to discuss for quite some time is the phenomena of hype being built up around seemingly anything and everything new.  Whenever you have something new coming up, you hear about it nonstop, and often times, in retrospect, you have to ask: why did anyone care in the first place? It …

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Jul 23 2017

The Problem With Trendy Science

Yesterday I did my best at trying to explain the concept I call “Trendy Science” – that is, the idea of proposals which sound amazing and pick up interest from the media and the populace, but when examined in detail the proposal just doesn’t hold up. Rather than researching something and figuring out practical applications …

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Jul 22 2017

What Is “Trendy Science”?

The news right now is filled with reports of different companies, in all kinds of fields, announcing new technical marvels that will change the way we live! Hyperloops, Solar Roadways, self filling water bottles and more get thrown in our faces in much the same way that the next big weight loss cure is pushed …

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