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Jul 19 2017

An American Rocket Using Russian Rocket Engines – What’s It Matter?

Let’s deviate away from SpaceX for a moment – let’s talk about United Launch Alliance. United Launch Alliance, or ULA, is a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Boeing Defense, Space & Security. Lockheed and Boeing have been involved in rocketry since the the 1950’s, having combined between them over a century of …

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Apr 25 2017

Atlas V 360 Degree Launch View – Orbital ATK Cygnus CRS-7

As I mentioned in the previous articles about the Cygnus CRS-7 launch, this launch was one of the recent ones recorded using 360 degree cameras. One of the few “trendy” things I actually like, these allow you a somewhat “like you’re really there” experience without requiring expensive virtual reality gear, and without ruining the video …

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Apr 20 2017

Cygnus CRS OA-7 360 Degree Launch Video

This is the NASA live video of the 360 degree launch of Cygnus CRS OA-7 on Atlas V. Now, this was touted as “the words first 360 degree filmed launch” but that’s not entirely true. United Launch Alliance, the company that produces Atlas V and conducted this launch, has filmed some of their launches using …

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Apr 19 2017

Cygnus CRS OA-7 Mission Launched Successfully On An Atlas V

Yesterday morning an Atlas V rocket launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on a mission to resupply the International Space Station. The Cygnus Resupply Vehicle, named the SS John Glenn, is carrying over 3,000 kilograms of cargo to the Space Station as part of Orbital Sciences contract with NASA to provide commercial cargo transportation …

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Mar 02 2017

NROL-79 Successfully Launched By An Atlas V

Seems like every few months the National Reconnaissance Office is sending another reconnaissance satellite into orbit – yesterday the payload was NROL-79, launched into a polar orbit from Vandeberg Air Force Base on an Atlas V booster in the standard 401 configuration. It was a somewhat early morning launch of a naval reconnaissance satellite. The …

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Dec 18 2016

EchoStar XIX Atlas V Launch Highlights

Another day, another launch it seems. A United Launch Alliance Atlas V booster (431 configuration) launched the Echostar 19 communications satellite today, marking the 68th Atlas V launch. Normally I would go on waxing poetically about the payload, the booster, and what have you, but this time, there isn’t anything to say that hasn’t been …

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Nov 19 2016

GOES-R Is Successfully Launched On An Atlas V Rocket

After some delays due to vehicle issues (which I believe were reported as a “false positive” in an error detection system) and a minor issue with the Eastern Missile Range (Remember, rocket launches are subject to USAF missile range safety protocol), The NOAA/NASA satellite was successfully released from the upper stage of it’s Atlas V …

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Nov 17 2016

Atlas V GOES-R Mission Profile

An Atlas V is set to launch on November 19th in a 541 configuration (5 meter payload fairing, 1 Common Core Booster, and 4 Solid Rocket Boosters) carrying the GOES-R payload for NASA and the NOAA. This satellite will be placed into a geostationary orbit around the earth to monitor the general weather conditions of the …

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Nov 17 2016

NROL-37 Delta IV Heavy Launch 360 Degree View

This video, released a few weeks ago, is an amazing way to experience Junes NROL-37 launch, via use of full 360 degree cameras placed around the launch complex. It’s exactly as it sounds, no more, no less: multiple views of the launch, with you being able to look around much like you were there. 360 …

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Nov 11 2016

Finally, A Successful Launch for WorldView-4

After a nearly 2 month delay, the Worldview 4 satellite successfully launched today into a sun-synchronous polar orbit. Worldview 4 is an Earth Imaging satellite owned by Digital Globe, which will provide nearly double the imaging resolution currently available in non-military satellite imagery. This was a mission made up of delays, it would seem:  A …

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