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Nov 30 2017

What’s Coming For December 2017 On Xadara

Ah, we’re at the end of the year. Nice. Very nice. It looks like November is being closed out on a few good notes – while the month has been a slightly lighter one for content,  I have at least been able to keep an average of an article a day – November is a …

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Nov 01 2017

What’s Coming For November 2017 On Xadara

October always seems to go fast – far quicker than any other month. Next thing you know, bam! It’s November, the beginning of the dreaded “holiday season.” Thankfully, I won’t have to deal with the holiday season as directly as I used to, which hopefully will allow me more time to cover things I haven’t …

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Oct 30 2017

Something Isn’t Quite Right Around Here – An Update

So, I’m certain some regular readers will notice something is a little off about the site. It’s been that way for a while, actually, ever since upgrading to Graphene 2 – some elements of the site haven’t rendered correctly, and it’s honestly caused more trouble than you can imagine. So, to make a very long …

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Oct 21 2017

I Ain’t Dead Yet – An Update

The past 2 days have been quite inactive for a good reason – I’ve been quite ill! I don’t say this to alarm anyone, but for the sake of clarity and giving readers a slice into my life. This is a personal website, right? To keep a long story short, from early Thursday until late …

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Oct 18 2017

It’s Been A Very Busy Month For Space Related Subjects – An Update

I feel like this month has been far more active on the Space subject than previous months for me – that is, on the end of launches and active flights. I’m actually overdue on mentioning a few other launches since they all occurred around the same time as the launches that I have covered – …

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Oct 04 2017

What’s Coming For October 2017 on Xadara

Well, it’s been a few days since the last posts here. Maybe I needed another break, who knows. Regardless, a new month means new things, new chances to share my thoughts on, well, most anything. October is one of my favorite months of the year – hell, it might well be the month I like …

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Aug 08 2017

We Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Oh, hi! It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Yeah, it has – About 4 or 5 days that I just decided to go do something else for a while? Why? Well, the opportunity came up, so I decided “let’s do it!” Some time away with minimal network connectivity. Yeah, I could well have written …

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Jun 22 2017

Enjoy The Silence

A week ago, there were somewhere around 4 posts a day, as a side effect of E3 going on. Now, a week later, it’s been far more quiet. The reason behind it is quite simple: I’ve been taking some time for myself, trying to enjoy gaming, and just relax. E3 proved this year to be, …

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Jan 01 2017


Well, here we are. It’s the year 2017. Damn… that sounds futuristic as hell doesn’t it? Of course, I’ll be saying that about every forever, so it is what it is – 1984 sounded like the future way back when, after all, so it’s all relative. In any case, another year is upon us, and …

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Nov 15 2016

Winter Illness, Vintage Computers, And More – An Update

I might as well start making these update posts a common thing, especially for the next few months as things get more and more crazy by the day. Let’s go over the past week and a half or so, shall we? Between the awesome experience of going to a friends wedding, and many many awesome …

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