Dec 05 2017

SpaceX Scheduling Madness

This is going to be interesting – a two-fold article. On one half, I have a bit more to say about what upcoming SpaceX content I have coming, and on the other half, I feel it worth discussing the actual current scheduling that SpaceX is launching on in the upcoming months. On my end, as …

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Nov 01 2017

The Taurus Rocket Returns To Flight, Now Known As The Minotaur-C

Yesterday, October 31st, marked the return to flight of the Taurus booster after having been upgraded and renamed the Minotaur-C. Minotaur-C is one of those rather unique boosters that a vast majority of people know nothing about. In the original Taurus designation, it made 9 flights between 1994 and 2011, 3 of those resulting in …

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Aug 25 2017

Formosat-5 Successfully Launches On A Falcon 9 Rocket

Another SpaceX launch, this time of the Taiwanese Earth-Observation satellite Formosat-5. This was one of the lightest payloads ever launched on a Falcon 9 at only about  475 kilograms, are just over 1000 lbs. Most Falcon 9 payloads tend to be in the 3,000-7,000 kilogram weight range, with one going so far as 9,000 kilograms …

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May 29 2017

The Bird Watchers – 1966 USAF Film On Rocket Photography

Getting back to the grind, we might as well start with this video, uploaded today , which is a digital conversion of a 1966 film about the process of filming and photographing rocket launches at Vandernberg Air Force Base. Launches from VAFB were more common than launches from the Eastern Test Range and Cape Canaveral …

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Nov 11 2016

Finally, A Successful Launch for WorldView-4

After a nearly 2 month delay, the Worldview 4 satellite successfully launched today into a sun-synchronous polar orbit. Worldview 4 is an Earth Imaging satellite owned by Digital Globe, which will provide nearly double the imaging resolution currently available in non-military satellite imagery. This was a mission made up of delays, it would seem:  A …

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