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Dec 02 2017

When Something Is Called “The Future,” It Never Really Is…

Following behind my previous article about hype culture, I wanted to discuss another trend in how upcoming things are discussed. This is something that goes in well with hype culture but deserves its own little bit of discussion: that is, when someone says something is “the future.” You will hear this one all the time …

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Jun 24 2017

As Expected, Sony Was Pushing Virtual Reality Heavily At This Years E3

As the title suggests, Sony was pushing very heavily it’s PlayStation VR platform this year at E3, with several “new” games being demonstrated with the technology. I say new, but in many cases the games being presented are old titles with new VR updates – Superhot and (uhg) Skyrim are the most blatant examples, with …

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Oct 12 2016

Jim Sterling and I Feel The Same Way About Virtual Reality

Game Journalist Jim Sterling released a video in his Jimquisition series this week which discussed, quite critically, the current state of, and concept in general of virtual reality. I wrote earlier this year about some of my criticisms of the entire idea, and practical application of VR on a whole. To sum it up, because …

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Jun 22 2016

Why I’m Not Excited For Virtual Reality

Remember back around 2009, when 3D movies became a big thing? Avatar, a generic Sci-Fi film that was basically the story of Pocahontas set on an alien plant, became the highest grossing film of all time (more on that in another article, maybe) and for what reason? It was the leader of the 3D film …

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