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Dec 02 2017

Voyager 1 Fires Thrusters That Haven’t Been Used In 37 Years!

In a bit of space news that nearly made me tear up, it looks like NASA JPL has been able to successfully fire a  thruster system on Voyager 1 that hasn’t been used since 1980! These small rocket motors, designed to fire in long-duration burns for course correction, will be used in upcoming years to …

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Oct 02 2016

Voyager 2 Saturn Flyby in 1981 – 1986 NASA JPL Film

Launched in 1977, the twin Voyager 1 and 2 probes were sent out on missions to observe Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, as well as their moons, rings, and anything else they could discover on their journeys out of the solar system. Voyager 1 was sent on a more specialized mission for only Jupiter and …

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