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Jul 31 2017

What’s Coming For August 2017 On Xadara

Well, my plans for July 2017 were barely accomplished to any real degree! The whole month was filled with far more activity than I was expecting, and not of the kind that I was wanting to cover – between absolute stupidity here in Memphis (read here and here) , a flurry of SpaceX related news …

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Jul 21 2017

A Blogging Backlog

Anyone who attempt at least some kind of regular content creation has certainly run into the issue of simply having too much to publish, and running into a backlog. Hell, I’ve had to just abandon some planned posts thanks to them running so far behind that I just never bothered to actually write and publish …

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Jun 22 2017

Enjoy The Silence

A week ago, there were somewhere around 4 posts a day, as a side effect of E3 going on. Now, a week later, it’s been far more quiet. The reason behind it is quite simple: I’ve been taking some time for myself, trying to enjoy gaming, and just relax. E3 proved this year to be, …

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Mar 18 2017

10 Years Of Xadara – What’s The Point?

So, I’ve explained to the best of my ability just what the name “xadara” actually means (if anything) and the origins and story of the website itself, but one question still remains: What’s the point? Indeed, that’s the question that is probably most important, but can be answered so simply, What’s the point? Well, there …

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Mar 17 2017

10 Years Of Xadara – What Exactly Is “Xadara”?

I’m sure it’s a question that’s come up to people who stumble across this site: What is Xadara? Does it have some kind of meaning? Is it just a name? How do you even pronounce it? Where does it come from? Might as well cover it all, for those curious. Let’s begin! What is the …

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Jan 01 2017


Well, here we are. It’s the year 2017. Damn… that sounds futuristic as hell doesn’t it? Of course, I’ll be saying that about every forever, so it is what it is – 1984 sounded like the future way back when, after all, so it’s all relative. In any case, another year is upon us, and …

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Dec 13 2016

So One Of My Articles Made It Onto Reddit. That’s Something!

I’m not going to lie – I avoid Reddit. Something about open discussion sites of that nature has just never appealed to me. I could go more in depth, but that isn’t the point here. The point is, I don’t go there. The other day, I noticed my traffic was oddly high (and at the …

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Oct 14 2016

XadaraCast Episode 1 Is Out Now!

After a very long wait, tons of delays, and retake after retake, XadaraCast episode 1 is finally out. Sadly, it just isn’t as good as I was hoping it would be, but I still got it edited together and uploaded. The Podcast is a rough one, but we cover quite a few subjects in it, …

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Aug 04 2016

Some Good Stuff is Coming

Alright, I just wanted to throw out an update post to let readers know that some good things are coming soon to the site. It’s been a busier than normal week for me, and I’ve had countless articles and projects delayed. I’ve got videos coming to the YouTube channel along with plenty of articles, more …

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Apr 10 2015

One of these posts again

It’s been 55 days since my last post here. I know because Facebook likes to tell me. Since I share posts from here to the Xadara facebook page, and rarely do anything else with that page, I have a nice, persistently annoying timer telling me how long it has been between posts. This is far …

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