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Jan 06 2018

Blogging Stress – An Update

If you look back over the site for the past month or so, you will notice that at the very tail end of December, things just stopped. Completely. I made a few posts stating pretty clearly what I was feeling at the time, and still am honestly, but what I didn’t go into was detail …

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Jan 01 2018

What’s Coming For 2018 On Xadara

Here we go, the first post for 2018! Might as well open up the year with the typical update entry, but this time, like 2017, I’ll cover my broader plans for the entire year! As I’ve hinted at in a few previous articles, I’m planning to somewhat go back to the sites roots this year. …

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Aug 28 2017

What’s Coming For September 2017 On Xadara

I’ll keep this one short. My plans for August completely fell through, and at this stage I’ve got so many articles on the back burner I don’t even know where to begin! I guess that would be the best place – spending some time, hopefully tomorrow, to begin finishing up those long-overdue entries, follow ups, …

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Jul 05 2017

AVGN Season 2 Review Plan

I’m going to get to reviewing Season 2 of the Angry Video Game Nerd soon enough, and I thought it would be cool to share the general idea of how I’ll go about it, as while Season 1 was straightforward, Season 2 provides some challenges. Season 2 consists of 24 episodes, spanning through 2007 and …

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Jun 29 2017

What’s Coming For July 2017 On Xadara

I thought updating readers to plans for the upcoming month would be a good idea, and so, here we go! This will probably become a regular thing, if only to fill article space, so, eh, take it for what it is. First up, we have a return to sharing some old videos about various subjects …

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Mar 04 2017

Site Navigation Updates Are Underway!

Today I finally got started on some of the long-overdue site updates that I mentioned the other week (see Coming Soon: Even Better Site Organization). These updates will make for easier navigation and discovery of other articles and more long-term content that readers may enjoy. Anyone who follows the site knows I tend to write …

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