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Aug 12 2017

The WatchMojo Public Relations Fail Explained – By Top Hat Gaming Man

Continuing with the WatchMojo Public Relations nightmare of the past few days, we have Top Hat Gaming Man back with another video explaining this situation with a little more nuance, and a little more detail and focus on the issue at hand: The hostile elements of the “apology” that was sent to Larry Bundy jr, …

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Oct 26 2016

CGR Makes A Video Private Due To Negative Feedback About Patreon

Mark, of Classic Game Room, released yesterday another video acting as a “preview” for his patreon exclusive content and it was met, once again, with quite the backlash. His 2 minute preview videos that then ask people to donate on Patreon just aren’t cutting it, and people are calling him out on it. Something I …

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Oct 15 2016

A Paywall Isn’t The Answer, Mark

YouTube is absolutely filled with video game reviewers of all types. The only way to be successful is to stand out above the rest, and one particular series, Classic Game Room, has done that successfully for almost a decade now. What started as an internet TV show way back at the turn of the millennium …

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Jun 07 2016

McJuggerNuggets Ends The Psycho Series

Edit: The original title of this article was “McJuggernuggets ends his YouTube Channel. Obviously he has continued his channel, which I may cover more of in the future. However, I am leaving the article here as is for archival sake. At the time, that’s what everyone thought had happened – that the channel was over. …

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