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Feb 14 2018

Every Ashens Valentines Day Special Video, Because Why Not?

Oh, look, it’s February 14th, Valentines Day. Hooray, or not, depending on who you are – you may love the day, or may not care much for it. In whatever case, I felt like it might be fun to share every Valentines Day Special video that one of my favorite YouTubers, Ashens, has done! In …

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Mar 05 2017

The Computer Chronicles – Apple II Forever (1988)

A decade after it’s release, the Apple II, one of the “holy trinity” of affordable microcomputers released in 1977, was still going strong. Constant updates and improvements kept these machines in use far beyond their original designed life, and beyond the life of 8-bit computers on a whole: I dare say in the early 90’s …

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Jan 27 2017

Apollo 1 News Reports

News spread rather quickly following the fire of Apollo 1. This was back when news really focused on telling the story, rather than on what ratings it will bring in – certainly a different time in media. In any case, many news reports, or snippets from such, are available online. Here are a few more …

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Jan 19 2017

That Awesome Time I Was Sued For Two Billion Dollars – Jason Scott – Defcon 17


Defcon is quite the interesting convention, unlike most others. Instead of being devoted to anime, or video games, or comic books, this one is about technology and the hacker subculture. The talks can vary wildly, and I plan on sharing some of the best ones with you here, as I feel the urge. To start …

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Jan 16 2017

Tracking Down A Tech Support Scam Leader

From the looks of things, tech support scammers don’t hide their tracks well. They use fake pop-up warnings and fake software to scare people into calling and paying for their services, and these pages and software often have traces of the actual owner buried in them somewhere. The people at the tops of these scams …

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Dec 02 2016

Why I Share Random YouTube Videos

Some of you who follow my work on this site the past few months will notice that I often share YouTube videos, and provide some commentary or discussion surrounding it. The reason behind this is simple: The video, usually, interests me, and either I want to share it with you, or I want to provide …

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Nov 29 2016

A Quick Tech Support Scam Video – Windows 8 With 480MB Of Ram!

Lewis’s Tech is somewhat of a legend among the anti-scammer community, and this video can quickly show you some reasons why. I’m sharing it not just for how fun this one is, but how quick it is to watch, at only 10 minutes, it goes over quite a bit. We have the usual remote support …

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Oct 18 2016

Jim Sterling Vs Digital Homicide – The Interview

A perfect follow up to the last article would certainly be posting the entire interview between Digital Homicide and Jim Sterling. Digital Homicide, the ultimate producer of terrible games on Steam, and JIm Sterling, the ultimate critic of terrible games on Steam. A match made in hell, to be sure. This interview was recorded in …

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Oct 18 2016

Digital Homicide: The Full Story

So on the subject of good old video games, I’ve been wanting to cover the more prominent subject on Steam recently of a company known as Digital Homicide. Oh, the drama and chaos they have caused, all because the duo that made up the production studio simply don’t know how to complete a game. Oh …

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Oct 17 2016

Antares Flies Again

For the first time in nearly 2 years, an Antares rocket launched from the launch facilities on Wallops Island, Virginia, carrying a Cygnus cargo craft to the International Space Station. While a pretty straightforward launch of a somewhat plain seeming booster, this launch was a critical moment for Orbital ATK, creators of Cygnus and Antares, …

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