Jun 21 2016

Tech Scammers Tried To Hijack My Twitter!

So last night I was watching a live stream by Scammer Revolts where he was doing what he does best – calling in to various known tech support scam services to troll them. One of the things I hate most are tech support scammers (more on that coming later) and as you would expect, they vehemently hate being called out on their shit.

By about the middle of the stream, I was ready to get to sleep. This was just after the stream viewers raided one particularly hostile company, which I won’t name here. I didn’t participate in such, but I did make a tweet about it, as I was trying to promote the stream, and the YouTuber. I had already tweeted to this company before, calling them scammers, etc. Hey, what’s the harm, right?

twitter 2

Sure enough, the tweet got me blocked finally, which is fine. Whatever. They can’t take the heat, clearly. What happened when I woke up took things past where they should have gone.

See, I woke up this morning to an email that my twitter account was locked. Someone had tried to get in, and while it looks like they failed miserably, I still had to change my password, among other things. Checked around to see if anything was amiss and beyond that forced password change, and nothing was different. No new applications, no access I didn’t recognize, nothing special at all!


At first, I didn’t think anything of it… then I remembered the stream last night, and looked to see if I was blocked by the company finally… and indeed I was!


That’s when it hit me. I looked at the time of the tweet, 11:30 or so PM, then the time of the email which was about 12:30, the same time I was heading to sleep.

Now, I’m not exactly the target of anything more than a bit of trolling, so this was quite alarming. Did they seriously try to get into my twitter account? emaildate

If they did, pretty scummy for a legitimate company. This only helps prove their underhanded nature. That being said, I can’t say for certain it was them, but the timing was far too convenient for it not to more than likely be.

Judge for yourself, and remember, always, ALWAYS check companies out before you give them access to your computer.

For more information on the company in question, here are some videos, including the entire livestream that started this.


Stop Phone Scammers group site

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  1. I remember actually being hacked once by a bot, it took ages to delete all the tweets it sent. Absolutely horrible the sorts of things that somehow count as ‘legitimate companies’ these days.

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