Aug 01 2017

Terrible Games And The Playstation 4 Online Store

Apparently, the Playstation 4 online store has, over the past half a year or so, become quite flooded with games that are, to say the least, of sub-par quality. Now, every online store has its share of terrible games, and it used to be that Steam was the poster boy for terrible game repository – at least, it has been since a few months into Steam Greenlight. The Playstation Store, however, seems to be trying to catch up to Steam on this.

Back in January a game called “Life of Black Tiger” was promoted on the Playstation YouTube channel. Somehow, I missed out on the hilarity of this, since the game looks like something more from 2001 than 2017, and certianly not like a game on a current generation system but, here we are, this exists.. and is still promoted on the channel!

Now, again, this missed my radar, but I did notice YouTuber Jim Sterling playing quite a few games on Playstation, rather than PC, that were terrible. It never hit me that there was actually a glut of these games, but apparently there is – enough of one for Jim to have devoted the Jimquisition this past week to this phenomena.

I won’t make any claims here – as I’ve said before, I’m an Xbox guy, and don’t pay too much attention to Playstation things beyond where I need to for work. To that end, I do find it very odd that the Playstation 4 store would begin to have games like these: between games that are just trophy farms and games that are of terrible quality, this doesn’t make the Playstation store game selection look good to a newcomer, and just crowds up the listings when someone is hunting for a good obscure game.

I’ll let Jim do the rest of the talking.

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