Jun 18 2017

The Articles That Triberr Missed – The GIF Format And Some E3 Coverage

So, shortly after my last articles on the subject. Triberr decided to push one of the missing articles up: I figured it would throw the other article up there as well, but it never did – not only that, thanks to the 14 article import per week limit, and me not knowing exactly where I am on that range, I lost another article or two over the past few days, so I thought I would just wait it out, let the system clear out, and then this next week get back to normal.

It’s extremely annoying though to not have some decent enough work get pushed out to a sharing platform that really does help with views, and the like – It’s equally annoying to have to wait to publish content days after the fact, losing views and activity on the site, to try to let this arbitrary buffer clean out, and to actually be able to have an article publish properly….

Ah well, I could complain about it all day, but that won’t do a damned thing. Instead, let me share the articles with you that Triberr missed, and let’s hope this doesn’t happen again. I’ll try to just run one a day for the next few days before spending the end of the week finishing up E3 coverage and the like.. LONG after I intended to…

The GIF Format Turns 30 Today

Metroid: Samus Returns – The Spiritual Successor To Metroid 2



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