Nov 14 2017

The Backlog Keeps Growing / What’s To Come

This is a completely random little thing to toss out at 9PM, but I feel it worth sharing for the “I can relate” factor other bloggers and content creators would have with this: I’m starting to run into a serious problem with the backlog on this site.

it’s growing at about 5 times the rate I’m able to get out articles! That’s bad, and good at the same time.

It’s bad on the obvious grounds of I’m losing out on time to hit up time sensitive subjects, and some articles are just having to pass by the wayside. If I do want to hit current events, I may miss out on something that isn’t time sensitive but still worth getting out, leaving it to eventually become more of the backlog!

The good though is that, barring time sensitive content, I really do have quite a bit to cover if only I could actually find the time to get it all written and published. That’s the real trick to it all, just forcing it on out there. At least, in so far as getting it out without rushing it – what’s the point then, right?

Still, topical events that haven’t been covered and were time sensitive… I guess those are lost for now, unless I have reason to bring the subject up again, which actually has happened before!

Now, with that out of the way, just what is to come? Well, as I keep saying, I’m going to try to get back to more gaming and entertainment related subjects. While I love space, I fear it’s somewhat taken over the site in almost a news-ish way, and while I like to talk about what’s going on, and share launch videos and the like, this is not a news site – it’s an opinions and information blog.

Regarding space, though, there is one major subject I haven’t gotten into, and I put off October on writing about just to see what would happen. A certain launch provider and their fanbase, and the attitudes presented. Oh yes, I’m going to get it all out sometime by the end of the year, so get ready for it.

For now, I don’t know.. maybe some more old NASA films? Maybe something on the Commodore 128? Maybe something completely random? Eh, we’ll see.

Thanks for reading.

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