Mar 10 2017

The Bitter Taste Of Nintendo Switch Games

As is well known by now, both through general discussion and via many YouTube videos, the actual game cards for the Nintendo Switch taste terrible. The games are physically tiny, similar to a thick SD card, and would be very easy for a child to swallow.

Nintendo’s answer to this problem is to make the games taste bad, so a kid would be unlikely to want to swallow it. Simple, right? Sure, but now you have every person who buys a Switch and games for it licking their games just to taste ’em! No, I have no idea how this got started, I don’t know if the manual mentions the games being coated in the substance, or if someone just put a game in their mouth to hold it (as is common when holding 2 games and a game console) and discovered the taste that way. In any case, you have YouTubers doing videos where they, in some cases, “get sick” from the taste, calling it the “bitterest thing ever.” This is far from the truth.

I don’t own a Switch, or games for the console, but when a friend bought his, I asked him straight up if I could taste his Zelda game. Yes, it was odd, but he was cool with it. We opened the game, pulled it out, and I gave it a lick.

Honestly, the taste isn’t as bad as anyone makes it out to be. The games are bitter, sure, but it’s nothing too terrible. It’s very similar to the bitterant used in those “compressed air” cans you use to clean dust out of computers and the like. It’s pretty bad, but it isn’t terrible. Nowhere near as bad as people online make it out to be.

The problem is the taste lingers on your tongue. It washes off poorly, so you really have to rely on your taste to numb out to finally get past it, and even then, it stays there for a while subtly. It eventually goes away, so it’s only a mild annoyance, but still.

Yeah, this was a more “whatever” article but I felt like this currently-trending topic needed a non-sensationalized, non-overreacted account.

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  1. Of course it’d taste like aerosol bitterant. Don’t know what these dummies were expecting, though to be fair, who’s ever tasted aerosol bitterant? Aside from the drug-addled and the dumb, of course. And of course, they’d have to embellish everything, because ADSENSE FIGURES

    1. If you blow a little too much of that air duster stuff into a system, or you accidentally have the can the wrong way so it releases that super chilled chemical, you can get a good taste of the stuff in the air, so, there’s that. That’s how I know what it tastes like – had a can pretty much blast back in my face one day. lol

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