Jun 19 2016

The Computer Chronicles – CES 1991

Before E3, there was (and still is) a tech industry event known as the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES. This show is exactly what it sounds like, a trade exposition where new consumer technology is shown off, much of the time in some active state, be it simply a demo version, beta software, or just a hands on hardware specimen. Before the gaming entertainment industry created E3 to better show off its wares separate from the rest of the tech out there, CES was the single hottest event in the tech year.

Those days are long past us, though, with the way tech news is shared now, via, what else, the internet. In this Computer Chronicles episode, though, I thought it good to simply share what CES was like 25 years ago, with all the then-new devices, crazy software ideas, and in some cases, familiar faces in the tech industry back when they were still young upstarts. This particular episode also has a heavy focus on how the “average” consumer was beginning to get into technology these days, and the struggle to make such complicated systems accessible to anyone, not just a “techie”

Oh yes, you will hear names like Nintendo mentioned right after Commodore. You also will see things that look hilarious by today’s standards, but back then seemed state of the art. Prototype CD burners, palmtop computers (tablets, in today’s design standards, and all other crazy stuff!

Let’s not forget the heavy amount of gaming. Neo-Geo is “new” here, as well as the Game Gear, with Sonic mentioned as a “less renowned” Hedgehog. Funny how Sonic would become quite popular here in the states, but was underestimated back then.

Lastly, yes, this does reek of the early 90’s in the best way possible.


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