Jul 17 2017

The Lead Role In Doctor Who Being Played By A Woman?

News circled around the internet pretty quickly yesterday when the BBC announced that the next person to play the titular character of “The Doctor” on the long-running science fiction series “Doctor Who” is *gasp* a woman!

In this case, the woman in question is Jodie Whittaker, an actress who, thanks to my lack of caring about most moves and TV I don’t recognize, but I’m sure will do a fine job in the role…

Oh, I guess that spoils the surprise that I’m totally fine with this! Well, I do have one objection – they missed the opportunity to cast a redhead! The Doctor has had a joke a few times in the rebooted series about never wanting to be a redhead / ginger, and what better thing to write in than for him to not only become a woman (which, for better comedic effect, wouldn’t bother him.. er, her, at that point) but for the Doctor to look in a mirror and see pale skin and fiery red hair, and freak out over that instead of the gender change!

Yeah, back on point though, I’ve actually been waiting for this to happen, and I’m happy with it.. I guess. I haven’t watched Doctor Who in years, because the Clara character just became intolerable. Add in filler episodes and I just had to take a break from the show. I might catch back up with it sometime this year, and maybe get to the current episodes, but I don’t know. We will see, I guess!

Yeah, though, everyone complaining about this? Shut up. You all do this every time the character regenerates, and this time you just have a gender excuse to have the same reaction. It’s dumb, just enjoy the show. This has been going on since 66, before most of you were born – relax and enjoy some campy Sci-Fi.

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