Jan 27 2017

The NES Classic Edition Is Back In Stores, And It’s Still Rare

I was super late on my post about the NES Classic yesterday – I should have written it earlier in the week when I first got wind, but I got tied up in things. In any case, yes, the NES Classic Edition is back on store shelves, or at least, it is until the stores open and everyone buys them. The demand is still high and much like the holiday season, the retro console is getting bought up in droves.

You may recall I had originally written that the NES Classic was a holiday season only item. My source was an actual Nintendo representative, so I can only imagine she was either told wrong, intentionally mislead possibly, or alternately Nintendo actually planned for the item to be holiday only, but then changed their mind once they realized they could make money keeping it in production.

Nintendo, I swear they haven’t know what they’ve been doing for over a decade now.

Yep. The NES Classic is back in stock.

I’ve said before the item is a fine value for money to me – while hardcore collectors will own many of these games and have proper hardware to play them on, these games and their systems still cost quite a bit, in some cases easily $60 for just one game rather than for a collection of 30, and the hardware to play it with properly on a modern TV. The system has a charm, and while that won’t replace the real system, it’s a nice secondary, or an introduction into classic NES gaming.

The hunt continues. I still don’t have one, although I’m not worried too much about that – I know I’ll eventually get one, and I have ways to play any game I would want to, but still, it’s a nice little unit, with high demand. Very high demand.

Keep an eye out, but again, please, don’t bug store workers for information – they often don’t know, and getting asked the same question a dozen times a day doesn’t make their days any better. Have some consideration.

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