Oct 02 2016

The Power Glove – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 14

As I mentioned earlier, it’s October, the time of super spooky things. Wanna know something scary for most Nintendo era gamers? The Power Glove.

Produced by Mattel Electronics, The Power Glove was intended to provide a new way to play games on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Most people, however, or so memories would lead us to believe, couldn’t get the darn thing to work at all!

The idea is decent enough – a combination of pressure sensors in the glove and proximity sensors placed on the TV would detect hand position and location relative to the TV, and depending on the more the glove was in, your hand motions and twitches, like squeezing the middle and index fingers to move left, the ring and pinky fingers to move right, moving the glove up or down to jump or duck, etc, would make the character on screen do those actions.

Again, in practice, this didn’t go as planned for most users. From what I have seen, the glove can work, but in most cases, it just doesn’t go well.

With that in mind, enjoy this Angry Video Game Nerd episode from nearly a decade ago where he takes a stab at this most legendary of Nintendo accessories.

I’ve got another Power Glove related video coming soon to share with you, so stay tuned! That’s how blogs work, right? You tune into them? No? Oh well, enjoy the video!

Oh, and of course, like any AVGN video, it has strong language and the like, so uh, be warned, okay?

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