Mar 06 2017

The Worst Person I’ve Ever Worked With – Part 2

It’s been quite a few months since I wrote the first part of this small article series. Never intended to make it take so long, but I got caught up in many other things and honestly, for a while, forgot about the events of last year. Now, however, is as good a time as any to go on and tell the second half of the story.

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Right, let’s get back to where we left off: L was showing herself to be completely useless, and quite annoying. It wasn’t bad enough that she wanted to chat with everyone about inane crap all the time, no, she also didn’t seem to comprehend the simple idea of staying at her post when she needed to work. How does someone who supposedly had “years of experience” not comprehend staying put?

Not at all indicative of the store in question.


I mentioned previously about her leaving her area for extended periods, leaving customers confused as to what to do to check out. She would, meaning well, I’ll give her that, walk off to help people with things. The problem is in such a position you just can’t do that; she was told by upper management to stay where she was, but she still didn’t listen. The event mentioned in part 1, of her staying at the service desk and just chatting away didn’t happen again, but she did something equally stupid soon after that.

It was a Thursday, I recall, and the store was busy as hell. It gets like that during the Summer, which is when all this was happening. Anyway, it was about 6PM, and guess who’s time it was to get off work? That’s right, L. Now, we were quite busy, as we get around 6 in the afternoon, and what is the normal procedure? Get the lines down before you leave. Makes sense, right?

Equally not indicative of the store in question.

Not to her. She instead, with a line still full of people, she just gets and leaves. Nope, no attempt to help out the remaining people, she just goes. This means everyone, angry as hell, comes over to an already somewhat backed up customer service counter to wait even longer, behind people doing returns and the like.

Now, the store checking out at customer service is normal, but just making people move over when there is a cashier isn’t. It’s downright assholic, and I was absolutely livid. So was the customer base that day, which resulted in me having to apologize profusely to many many customers on what she did.

Following this, L was told explicitly to stay at the register and not leave at all until someone told her to, which solved the core problem. However, by this point, L had developed a sever dislike for me, which we will go into in the next article in this series.

Oh yes, it gets even more stupid. Stay tuned.. er, reading. You know what I mean.

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