Jul 05 2016

Time to Get Back to Business

Has it really been almost a week since the last post? That’s strange for me, now, for sure, but there is good reason! Dominantly, Anime Blues Con 6! Oh yes, as stated in the post last week, I indeed did go to the convention on Saturday and had an amazing time – more on that in an upcoming article – so naturally Saturday I wouldn’t write much. The days leading up to, and following the con, though, were also filled with with enough stuff to keep me from writing, and by the time we hit this morning I finally had my first chance where I not only had time to write, but actually felt like it. Conventions aren’t all fun and games, and are quite exhausting physically. Combine that with the day job and you get to where you just don’t feel like doing much of anything.


It’s time to get back to it though. I’ve already produced one video from the convention, a project which was conceived just a day or so before the con began, and one I am incredibly happy with. That too will get it’s own article in the future, but the video can already be found on my YouTube channel, if you know where to look.

Some articles I had planned got delayed by this busy weekend, and I will work to get those out as soon as possible, as well as a review of Anime Blues Con 6, and probably, since this marks the beginning of the 5th year of me going to such conventions, some recap articles on various years of me going to Anime Blues.

Beyond that, we have more reviews coming, more commentary on the current goings on in gaming and other online geekiness, and hopefully an increase in content production much akin to what we had around E3 last month.

Get ready, it’s about to be a fun time here.

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