Apr 15 2016

Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer

Titanfall, released in 2014, was quite the unique game. A typical online first person shooter with a unique twist – giant battling robots mixed in with on-ground troops. Throw in some unique weapons and parkour elements in-game, and you have a release that I enjoyed.

The game wasn’t as well received by everyone, however. Titanfall was quite hyped before it was released, but upon launch people quickly released flaws with the game that, for many, made it a lackluster experience.

Hype has a way of ruining a good game by making people expect an incredible game. Titanfall is fun, and for my time, worth dealing with the hassles of online gaming (more on that in another article coming up) but even I can say the game was very lacking and very repetitive. Especially with the game lacking a single player campaign, instead using a hybrid online campaign to tell its story.

Move now, to 2 years after the release of Titanfall. EA and Dice have been hard at work on the sequel, Titanfall 2, and the first teaser trailer was released just the other day.

It’s a teaser, sure, so it doesn’t tell much, but it does give you that first taste of what this expanded world is going to be like. Maybe. Trailers are always funny like that, as they are designed to breed hype. You never know what the finished product will be, but I know if they keep the feel of the first game, and expand upon that with more polish, balance, and depth to the universe, I think we will wind up with an awesome game!

Check out the Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer on the Xbox YouTube channel here:


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