Dec 12 2012

Too ambitious?

As is obvious from the very presence of this website, I can sometimes be a rather ambitious person. I will often begin projects without any thought as to how I will get around to completing them. I often have three, four, or sometimes five separate ideas, all being worked on at once. The result? Nothing gets done. I wind up burning myself out on one project, and, when combined with the day job and normal life events, I never get around to completing any of them!


That is actually the core reason that I do not update as often as I wish to: I never can get up the energy to type an article. I have a dozen articles planned, and several video ideas for Youtube, but I haven’t really worked on anything in weeks: by the time I do get anything going, the information in the article is often outdated, and the post as a whole is pretty much pointless. Who wants to hear about a game 2 months after it was released, right? Ironically, many of my article ideas are reviews of older games, but there is a line between new-old and old-old.

Regardless, this whole article boils down to one obvious fact: to be able to really do the site like I wish to, I have to focus more. I have to give up on many smaller side projects, many of which are things I have worked on for years. The time has come, though, to let those things go to the side and move forward.

To be honest, I don’t even know the point of this site: I really use it to write about whatever geeky topic I wish to, which I guess has some value from an opinion perspective, but otherwise, it has no real purpose. Maybe though, that really is the idea behind it: a site that is about nothing. I describe it like that to people, that, in the same way Seinfeld was a “show about nothing” Xadara is in the same way a “website about nothing.” Hopefully, though, it is a nothing that you enjoy reading.

Please, if you have any ideas on topics for me to write about, or ideas that might make the site better, don’t be afraid to send me an email, or contact me on my social media pages.

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