Mar 02 2017

‘Twas The Night Before The Nintendo Switch Launch

This is it. Tonight. Midnight (or opening time for stores not doing a midnight run) is the launch of the Nintendo Switch. March 3rd, a day many a gamer has been waiting for is finally here. Already friends of mine are waiting outside for the chance to get theirs at midnight, with others planning to try their luck either later in the morning, or possibly on the 5th when another batch of Switch merchandise and systems go on sale.

I helped set up the merchandise at the day job; thankfully I don’t actually open and have to deal with the initial rush. While I am excited and happy that Nintendo has another console for us to enjoy, the stresses of supply vs demand naturally show themselves.

Listen everyone, I’m going to be point blank about this: stores will run out of units. Harassing store employees will not make units magically appear out of thin air. There are only so many to go around. Period. No, people do not know when they will get more in, more than likely, and no, they can’t “hold one for you”, not without very likely violating their own policies and standard ethics. Oh, and lastly, I highly doubt anyone is “holding it in the back for themselves” so please don’t accuse anyone of that just because you can’t get one.

Supply and demand. There are only so many to go around. If you aren’t lucky and can’t get one, oh well.  I expect the console to be much easier to get come the Summer, once the initial rush is over and done with. Wait to get one then. Relax, okay?

Anyway, as for the console itself, and more happy thoughts, I really do hope this system succeeds. I like what I see, and while I think the launch library is rather poor (save for the new Zelda game, of course) the system still has a ton of potential to me. I’ve said much of what I think and hope in a previous article, which I will link to here.

Good luck Switch. Nintendo needs you to succeed where the WiiU failed.

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