Jan 12 2018

United Launch Alliance 2017 Launch Highlights

Here’s one I should have gotten to back in December but couldn’t get to for, well, reasons. This is a launch highlights compilation for year 2017 produced by United Launch Alliance, showing of the past years launches of 1 Delta IV booster, 6  Atlas V boosters, and the second to last Delta II launch ever. Not too many launches, but for payloads of the type and mass as some of these, you need a reliable booster that can get the job done, and Delta IV and Atlas V provide just that.

It’s a short but very sweet clip showing these amazing machines doing what they do best – getting a payload into orbit with a 100% success rate. Be it a National Reconnaissance Organization satellite, a specialty communications payload, or a civilian Earth observations satellite, ULA got it into orbit with style in 2017.

Enough of my ramblings, though: Here’s the video. As always, enjoy!

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