May 08 2012

Video scaling is finally fixed

So, you all know the problems I have had the past few months with video scaling, right?

Well, with me having to restore windows on this machine, I naturally had to reinstall the video card drivers, and what would you know, scaling actually works again via GPU.

All I can say is that something is horribly wrong with the routines used when nvidia driver sets upgrade, as it seems a good portion of users simply lose the ability to activate display scaling after any kind of upgrade.  Clean installs, or even nuking all drivers on the system and installing afterwards didn’t work…

This also means that, for the remaining life of this computer, I am probably not going to bother upgrading video card drivers. It’s nice to be able to play any game I want without having to adjust 18 different scaling options on my monitor. Nothing I play is that new anyway, and since most driver updates tend to optimize things for newer games, and new chip sets, there is no real need for me to update such on a 2 year old system.

So, there ya go. As typical, this was one of those cases where, if you upgrade once, it’s game over for a rather critical feature.  I just wish there was a fix for that flaw… Oh well.

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