Dec 07 2017

Vine To Make A Return? Dear God, No!

My buddy Prince Watercress linked me to an engadget article yesterday discussing how Vine founder Dom Hofmann seems to have teased a “Vine 2.0” if you will – he tweeted just an image in the classic Vine colors that showed “V2.” and.. that’s it.

This comes, of course, following him talking some about bring a new form of the platform back into existence after Twitter killed it earlier this year. Well, I know if I was him I’d be doing about the same thing, so I can’t blame him for loving what he created; fuck knows I still care about long-dead projects on my end, and I think all creative types are like that, but Vine, well, as I said before, I’m glad it’s dead.

As I mentioned in my article when vine was dying, I’m kind of glad to see it go. While I certainly can appreciate short stupid clips (YouTube was full of that kind of stuff in the early days) the way vine was just wasn’t me and having entertainment sliced into 6 second clips just really didn’t settle well with me. Is that how long people can pay attention to things now? 6 seconds? Shit, if that’s the case no one’s even actually reading these words, so I can say whatever I want…. but I won’t.

Of course, I’m in a minority. People do like that kind of stuff, and well, if there is a demand, why not go for it? Don’t get mad at me though when you finally realize someone going “durr, plant” isn’t funny.

More importantly than the “if and why” is how he can keep this financially viable if it were to happen. Smaller clips do mean less raw storage and data to be tossed around, but in the long run will ads keep things going? People tend to object to blatant advertising being thrown in their faces, but that’s the main way to pay the bills – run ads, make sure people see them and convince those companies to pay you for what interest you bring to their product.

If he can do it, more power to him, I guess, and hey, have fun and make all the stupid videos you want. They will never be as good as my go-to classic.


…oh, and, if you don’t get “durr plant” here’s a link.

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