Aug 11 2017

WatchMojo Responds To Top Hat Gaming Man’s Video

In the previous article, I shared a video from Top Hat Gaming Man regarding the issue WatchMojo stealing research from GuruLarry regarding video game consoles which failed to sell. Not just that, alone, but also the quite rude email they sent to Larry regarding this after they had taken the video down – this itself is on par, if not worse in some ways than the original video content theft that started the whole thing!

WatchMojo Steals Research From YouTuber Guru Larry

Top Hat Gaming Man, or THGM as we will refer to him here for brevity, covered the story quite well, seeing as he is friends with Guru Larry and also actually was able to see the video in question before it was taken down. His video explains it quite well, and will be linked to at the bottom of this article.

Well, people at WatchMojo found the video and responded. I’m not going to comment now – I’ll simply let you read the conversation and let you form your own opinion.

So, that conversation happened. Okay, cool, that was this morning. A few hours later, about the time I was writing the last article, this wonderful exchange happened.

Yeah, you’re reading that right. After the other person from WatchMojo chimed in to offer what I guess is an apology, Ash here chimes in to continue to do the same shit he did in the email claiming that Larry was the bad person for putting in “false facts” and trapping his content. Something, I should say once again, is a common tactic in any reference material.

To that end though, it isn’t that these are false facts – you can see in the previous conversation that phrasing is the issue of contention – no, it’s a matter of phrasing facts a certain way in that it has a unique tell that betrays its source. It’s hard to describe but easy enough to understand.

The response from Ash is rather hostile, no matter how you look at it. Not outright rude but still accusatory and defensive enough to come off, to me, in such a way as to say “Yeah I know we stole the content. We are sorry, but not that we did it, but that we got caught. You’re bad too though because, you fudged things and said them in a way that we were stupid enough to copy outright and made it easy for people to find out we did that, so you’re bad for lying because that’s what you did!”

At least, that’s how both that email and the response from Ash come off to me.

Oh, this is just great. I don’t have any additional commentary, I’ll leave these posts here to speak for themselves, and once again link to the video in question. If you didn’t watch it last time I highly recommend you watch it now.

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  1. “I still think we’re the unknown channel that has to prove itself etc…”

    Still laughing at this, since he apparently thinks he’s special or something because he has such high numbers on Social Media. Meanwhile I’m 10 from 300 subscribers while you have 15 mil. Shut up, Ash.

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