Jun 26 2017

We Knew It Was Coming: The SNES Classic Edition

It’s funny, I was just talking to some friends the other day, us all discussing what games we would want to see on a hypothetical SNES Classic Edition console, and what does Nintendo do today but announce it coming, with 21 games. Sure, not nearly as many as the NES Classic Edition had at 30 games, but still this was quite the announcement.

Not the SNES Classic Edition, but a SNES pic was mandatory here.

I’ll cover this more in depth later, but for now I’ll share what I think – this is cool, sure, but I hate the upcoming retail hell that will come from this. Ignoring that though, the game selection is pretty decent, with some amazing titles like Earthbound and Final Fantasy 3 (6, properly) being on the console. More importantly though, this marks the release of StarFox 2, a game that was cancelled with the impending release of the N64: it will finally get to see the light of day!


I see this console having more of a demand in hardcore gamers, and not as much of a casual demand as the NES Classic did. That being said it will still be an in-demand console, so, get ready…

More to come on this gaming topic, so stay tuned, or whatever you do with a website.

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  1. I wonder if the list of games apply only to the North American release unless we find out otherwise? I know that the European (PAL) and Japanese versions of the NES Classic Edition had different sets of games, so it’d be interesting to see who would get what if the same were to happen with the SNES Classic.

    You most definitely won’t have an answer for this, not working for Nintendo and everything, but still…something to keep in mind.

    1. Well, I am apparently not smart. Turns out it’s coming to Europe on the same day with the same games, but any games that had a Europe-specific name (Kirby’s Fun Pack = Kirby’s Super Star, Starwing = Star Fox) will have its American name, as all the games will be their original 60hz releases.

      Oh, and it will be the same design as the European version of the system, but you probably already knew that.


      1. Haha I knew it was releasing then over there, and I DID know it was designed to look like the PAL SNES, but I had not seen it had the same games list, or the same versions – interesting, to say the least, on the licensing and versions chosen. Wonder why not the old PAL roms?

        1. That’s a good question. What I DO know is that they did do this with the NES Classic Mini (the European/PAL version of the NES Classic Edition) as well. I’m guessing Nintendo wanted to give those who bought the NES Classic Mini an overall better gaming experience? One can only guess.

            • Chris on June 26, 2017 at 2:53 PM

            It’s the most logical conclusion, as the 60htz rate is what the games are “supposed” to run at, and since modern TV’s are just computer monitors, basically, there is no issue in them via HDMI pushing such out to the European market, so they can finally enjoy the real game they SHOULD have had.

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