Aug 08 2017

We Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Oh, hi! It’s been a little while, hasn’t it?

Yeah, it has – About 4 or 5 days that I just decided to go do something else for a while? Why? Well, the opportunity came up, so I decided “let’s do it!” Some time away with minimal network connectivity. Yeah, I could well have written an article or two during this – I had internet access and I had my laptop(s) with me to keep up with a few things if I wanted or needed to, but I decided I would do better to just relax and have some fun.

I was able to fix that calculator finally, after many delays (that’s coming in another article soon) and I did think about some content I want to write, but as it stands I decided the break from the site would do me well, and I think it did. Beyond cuing up posts to re-share on twitter, I just didn’t bother with the site, and it was quite relaxing being detached from the normal grind.

Filler image of a Wii being modded is filler.

Perhaps I should do this more often – maybe skip a weekend or something every once in a while – I would say skip every weekend but considering how events happen I can’t quite commit to that – we will just see what happens going forward…. which basically means I’ll probably just keep doing things the same way I always have, so, it’s whatever

So yeah, tomorrow, more content. For now, just this little update. Everything is fine.

Oh, and Slime Rancher is an amazing game, too, by the way. That’s worth mentioning here. More on that soon too, though.

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