Oct 05 2017

What Happens When You Steal A Hacker’s Computer – Defcon 18

Here’s something we haven’t done in quite a while – a DEFCON video! In this case, one from Defcon 18, which took place back in 2010. In case you don’t know, DEFCON is a typical convention / conference type event held in Las Vegas, but with one key thing – it’s a hackers event!

Oh yes, the most tech savvy people from around the world, all gathered in the same place. I’ll say this much, you don’t want to connect to the wifi there. 😉

Anyway, in thisvideo we have a hacker by the name of Zoz telling the wonderful story of his Macintosh computer getting stolen and how he recovered it. It’s short, but quite the hilarious talk. Certainly worth checking out even if you aren’t tech savvy.

I actually don’t have much to say about this one beyond that – it really speaks for itself, and is always good for a laugh! Note that it does start with a side story, but gets to the stolen computer about 4 minutes in.


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