Jan 01 2018

What’s Coming For 2018 On Xadara

Here we go, the first post for 2018! Might as well open up the year with the typical update entry, but this time, like 2017, I’ll cover my broader plans for the entire year!

As I’ve hinted at in a few previous articles, I’m planning to somewhat go back to the sites roots this year. I hope to go in depth with articles covering classic computer and gaming technology. I’ve had a good start to this in my sharing and commentary on subjects discussed in shows like The Computer Chronicles and Bits and Bytes, but I would like to expand further into original research and articles covering topics of interest. Oh yes, this means I will speak about the 6502, and just how many things you can actually find that processor in. You’d be surprised. Of course the content curation will continue, so there will still be more Computer Chronicles and other such videos as I feel the urge to share them.

This will also extend as it has already into my other main hobby of space. Yes, that point of contention this past month isn’t going away – it is, however, going to be handled differently. I’m going to go back to focusing on more vintage historic space content in detail, sharing current launches as a subject of interest for their own sake, rather than as a news subject. Commentary of current space and technology subjects will go by the wayside on the main site, save for subjects that I feel would be more worth sharing: events on par with Cassini’s Grand Finale, for example.

That leads me to what might be the more interesting result of the past month – a secondary blog here on Xadara which will be more focused on current events in space where I feel a more, shall we say, assertive tone needs to be presented. Critical content that over the course of the past year has somewhat clogged up the site. Putting it in its own spot I think will be better in the long run.

Lastly, I still plan on all the same old gaming content as before, so nothing is changing there, but also I’m hoping to get to, yes, you guessed it, the backlog. Oh, that backlog… one day soon I’ll whittle it down to nothing.  Until then, the best I can do is take it one entry at a time on days that feel appropriate.

2017 was a somewhat rough year here on Xadara. I want to get back to having some fun with this site. While I can and will discuss serious subjects here, I don’t want that to take over – this site is about things I like, not things I hate, and while it can be nice to get into something that needs a debunking or just otherwise share a deeper thought that needs to be expressed, when it takes over for a whole month, that’s just not good.

That’s it for now – more to come, as always.

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