Jun 29 2017

What’s Coming For July 2017 On Xadara

I thought updating readers to plans for the upcoming month would be a good idea, and so, here we go! This will probably become a regular thing, if only to fill article space, so, eh, take it for what it is.

First up, we have a return to sharing some old videos about various subjects that interest me. This is kind of a tradition here on Xadara and the past month it took a backseat to E3 articles, which somewhat bit me in the butt so to speak, but whatever – it’s all good.

Next on the agenda is a return to AVGN episode reviews – I’ll start at a slower pace then get back to them more regularly; I don’t want to flood the site, but at the same time I do want to get moving on them at a decent rate, and maybe have Season 2 done by, I don’t know.. August maybe? Maybe September, depending on my article production rate.

Random Agena Target Vehicle image, to break up text.

From there I would like to get back to my game reviews, as well as reviews of movies and TV shows (or similar content) because hey, why not right?

Following that, I’ve got many other YouTube content creators I’d love to share the entertainment or wisdom of, and so I might use the second half of 2017 as a chance to do just that.

Lastly, I’m going to update the site organization more, going with a more one-group setup, which will branch out where need be. I feel this is better than the currently separate, and slightly odd grouping of reviews and “normal” content – keeping it in a master list would be at least somewhat more straightforward, I feel, for how Xadara article series content goes.

That’s it for now. We will see how it all goes, and what I actually do do in the next month.

Catch you then!

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