Jul 18 2016

When a Post Just Doesn’t Trend Well

Sunday afternoon, while killing some time at a local mall, I wrote up a post on Pokemon Go. It wasn’t anything special, but it was a post nonetheless about something amazingly popular at the moment. I had some thoughts to share, and well, felt like sharing them – a mostly positive post from the point of view of a guy who lacks the ability to play but likes the idea.

You would think such a post would hit hot out there, even if it isn’t anything special (it really isn’t) but, surprisingly, it went almost nowhere.

The little widget on the Xadara frontpage that shows active traffic over the past day, week, and month. Normally, when a post is first published, the online now number spikes to around 30 readers, and with any given additional shares this number will also usually spike to around 20-30


The most I saw on Sunday when I published the article? 18. 18 online at once. Hell, most of my views the past 36 hours have come from any one of my previous few days articles rather than the new one. Odd, considering this was properly tagged, and is about Pokemon, something incredibly popular on it’s own, but very well tending now with Pokemon Go.

Maybe it was because it was a Sunday. Maybe Pokemon fans and people who the article targets were just busy (maybe playing Pokemon Go? haha) or maybe, just maybe, it’s just a different audience compared to what my normal articles attract.

I don’t know. I’m not complaining or anything, I just found it strange that the article trended so poorly on initial writing. Perhaps that is why I avoid writing on Sundays, among other reasons.

Append: when first published this article hit 25 “online now” readers at once. Right, if that doesn’t prove something is up, nothing will. *shrug*

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