Dec 13 2011

Why do you like yourself so much?

If you use facebook, then you HAVE to have seen this happen more than you would like: Someone posts a status, and then, they like their own status. Now, if this is a post celebrating something major, or if the person has finally expressed something they have wanted to say for years, then it is a welcome occurance. However, to me, there is no sense in liking every single post you make.

I have several friends who do this, all of them good people, but it seems crazy to like everything you post. Not every post is special. Yes, what you have to say is (or, should be) important to your friends on facebook, but the “like” function is supposed to be used for expressing pleasure in what other people have to say: not in looking like a self-absorbed psycho!

So, please, if you use facebook, try to avoid liking your own posts. It really does look like you think you are the greatest thing ever, or that you obsess over everything you do.

Please.. just stop.

Thank you!

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