Mar 23 2013

Why I blog

It’s a question virtually anyone who writes will ask themselves. Why do I do this? Why do I write?

I never intended to be a blogger. I never thought anything of the idea, honestly. It seemed silly to sit there and write about random things. Honestly, who would read such? Who would care, right?  Then, suddenly, I noticed something: I was reading several blogs a week. I was finding authors who I enjoyed the content of, and kept up with on a daily basis.

This caused me to want to blog, to share my own thoughts with anyone who would be interested. The thing is, I never figured out what I wanted to write about, and never could really force myself to keep a steady schedule. So I just typed away whenever inspiration came. It really does seem to be the same way now.

However, that still doesn’t answer the question of WHY do I write? It’s actually an easy answer: for the sake of it. I share what I think for whatever good it may be to anyone who happens to stumble across it.

I know of a few bloggers who do it purely to make money. They get signed onto whatever website will have them, and write what amounts to news articles about whatever is going on in gaming, technology, or whatever. Their writing lacks any kind of soul or personality to it, which honestly makes me sick to think about. What’s the point in doing what a robot could do? Simply to make money, nothing more.

I never want to become that kind of person, so it if means only writing when inspiration strikes, then so be it. I honestly make no real money off of Xadara, or any of my efforts: its a labor of love more than anything else, that hopefully will grow into something awesome. If not, then that’s cool too, but my whole point is simply to share my thoughts with you, the reader.

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  1. Writing for a profession isn’t always a bad thing. I write for a few blogs (two for work and one for a personal hobby) and am driven to provide somewhat passionate content for each of them. I do agree that writing for the sake of writing (i.e. money, often enough) is less interesting and usually shows in the content of the article.

    1. @Sticky Webz
      I never did mean to imply that professional writing was a bad thing! Far from it, but if there is no passion and love behind it, what’s the point? I would love to make money off this blog, but I’m not about to write a dozen bland articles a day for the sake of profit. It doesn’t enrich the community in any way!

      Writing as a profession is certainly a wonderful thing to do, I just hate the idea of people who are in it “for the money” as the saying goes.

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. i’ve had similar thoughts go through my head. my ft work is marketing, social media, digital content and all that jazz. and, i wanted my own personal blog to expand on my thoughts outside of twitter. but, i didn’t want to write about marketing! i wanted to just be me, and share what and when i felt like it. so far, the formula works for me. in the end, no one is paying me, feeding me lines and giving me goals to reach for my blog.

    sometimes, a blog can really be just for fun. i’d like to keep it that way.

    thanks for sharing your post. you got me writing this comment and all!

    1. @Judy Lee
      Sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve been a little busy the past week! It’s nice to read your comment and see that someone else has the same view as I do! In the end, both of us are doing something right!

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