Jun 23 2016

World War One First Person Shooter Verdun is Coming to the Xbox One and Playstation 4

World War One, by all accounts I’ve heard, would be the closest thing to “Hell on Earth” that has ever happened in human history. In many ways, it was the first true “modern” war, and in an equal number of ways was the last “traditional” war.


The Verdun video game is based on the events of one of the most famous battles of World War 1. Amazingly, this game bypassed my radar, as it would fall right within my interest range. World War 1 is an event that, amazingly, very few video games have touched upon, when compared to World War 2, and with the upcoming release of Battlefield 1, I can imagine the upcoming years, which also happen to be a century since the latter half of the actual war, will contain more games, both realistic and more fanciful or artistic, covering this event much in the same way the past 20 years have been full of World War 2 based games.

I don’t have much else to say about this, it just seems pretty cool that it will be coming to consoles.Check out the Xbox One promotional video down below, as well as the typical Wikipedia article links.




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  1. I’ve seen a game that looked just like that once, from what i remember it was a game that seemed to actively encourage camping which some point obviously didn’t like but I thought didn’t seem that bad.

    You do seem to be writing a lot more like you said you would, makes me want to write a bit more myself. In fact i do have an idea of what I might do next.

    1. Even with an article like this, where I just feel like spreading the news, I can still find a way to make it my own – in this case, sharing a bit of World War 1 info with the announcement and the video clip.

      If someone even gets a tiny bit of knowledge or entertainment from what I write, then I’m doing what I set out to do.

      I mean, really, look at it – you are reading and commenting on everything being posted now. That alone says plenty! 😀

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