Jun 23 2016

Writing About What I Want, When I Want, How I Want – An Update

So, over the past few months I’ve been writing more. Much much more than I have in months, indeed, in years past. I’ve expressed before that I am switching over from making YouTube videos to writing more. I still crank out the occasional video, but at this stage, it’s so much easier to write than it is to film, edit, and upload a video that I save that content for when it is absolutely necessary – when text and images along can’t convey the idea, or the “live” nature of something needs to be preserved.

Right, I’m sure you all get all that, but then what else is there? Am I just going to keep writing about random things from now on? Well, yes, but not without reason.


Obviously I’m going to express what I think, that’s the whole point of such a site, right? How I will go about it is the point of this update. I’ve always been wanting to review games (just like everyone else on the internet, right?) in addition to film and TV, when the mood strikes me. I’ve written a few articles in the past looking at things I have liked, but as it stands these are the oddities in what I do.

Previously I had said I was planning on doing a nostalgia series called “then and now” where I compared games I played in the past to how they play today. I still want to implement this in to the reviews, but it certainly won’t be its own series like I intended.

One of the big issues for me doing these reviews has been how to organize them. WordPress, compounded by the theme I use, made things a little odd for pages. I finally took some time and got that worked out, so we should have a nice, categorized listing of games, movies, and more as they are reviewed. Sure, it will take some time but eventually I should end up with a sizable database of reviews, easily view able from any page, as well as continue writing the random content I do.

Review ALL the Xbox 360 games! Or not.

Review ALL the Xbox 360 games! Or not.

I attract a broad audience here, thanks to the site not really having an actual focus. One article might be about a rocket launch, while another might be something Google did wrong, while the next one might be about some 1980’s TV show. You never know what to expect and that’s the thing I think sets me apart – you will always have something new being thrown your way here. I want to continue with that, but also write reviews that I have long sense wanted to push out for you.

More is coming. I’m just going to keep on doing what I can do, and smiling as I see you all share the articles, and testing how new article ideas play out.

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  1. I’ve sort of wanted to turn my blog in the sort of random things when I want type although I’ve rarely ever been happy with the content other than the game reviews which has caused me to either delete them or keep them as a one time only experiment. In fact recently I deleted an anime review I tried to write as it didn’t fit work with what I wanted to do with them.

    Its so true that making a video would take an insane amount of effort but I sometimes think that writing does too. I definitely can’t stick to a schedule, that’s for sure.

    1. I would say just write what you want. You have to learn to just let it flow – that’s what I had to do. The more personal you make it the better you will feel about it when you publish, and the more you will enjoy what you do.

      Video work, even when everything goes right, takes a while. Writing, when it goes right, can be incredibly quick. Think about if you have the same issues in a video as you do when writing… that’s what ate at my will to make videos as often as I was.

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