Oct 14 2016

XadaraCast Episode 1 Is Out Now!

After a very long wait, tons of delays, and retake after retake, XadaraCast episode 1 is finally out. Sadly, it just isn’t as good as I was hoping it would be, but I still got it edited together and uploaded.

The Podcast is a rough one, but we cover quite a few subjects in it, including Yahoo and the NSA, Nintendo and Copyright, some personal events going on, as well as random ranting at its finest!

Beyond that, you can tell Watercress and I haven’t done a proper podcast in a while, or at least weren’t feeling as high energy as we normally have compared to previous recordings, including the Xbox Live forum readings.

On a side note, the intro disclaimer is specifically for the sake of the most common criticisms of any given podcast, especially an amateur one like this. Don’t take it personally, it’s intended to tick off trolls.

Enjoy, and remember, we don’t hold back, so you may hear something you won’t like. 😉 Click below and check it out!


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