Oct 25 2016

XadaraCast Episode 2 Is Out Now!

XadaraCast Episode 2 is not only out now, but it has been for several days, and I just now got to writing the official xadara entry about it. Go me!

In any case, this is a shorter, more to the point episode than the first one – we focus on 2 more serious subjects in gaming / youtube culture, the announcement of the Nintendo Switch (something good) and Mark of Classic Game Room and his “paywall” mentality to his reviews (something bad). I covered this in my article “A Paywall Isn’t The Answer, Mark” , and I covered the Nintendo Switch news in a small series of articles that should be easy enough to find.

Following that, we cover some more comedic subjects in regards to Samsung removing a video from YouTube which shows a mod for the grenades in the game which turns them into its ill fated note 7 phone, and following that, a rip on the “Rich Kids” social network that turns out to be more perfectly timed than we planned it out to be.

All in all a short, to the point episode which is better than the first, but still not what I want it to be. Part of the issue is simply skype delay, but another part is just a synergy between my co-host and I that isn’t like it used to be. I blame the time since we last did the typical podcast format, still. It’s getting better though and we are working towards a more standardized format for you to enjoy.

Please, let us know what you think via email, twitter, or a comment here. I want to make Xadaracast awesome for you all!

That being said, kick back and enjoy!

XadaraCast Episode 2

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